Shamanic* Healing


45-75mins | $125

In a Shamanic Healing, you will come to me with an emotional, physical or spiritual issue that you want to resolve. In the Shamanic worldview, almost all issues have an energetic/spiritual** cause, or at least an energetic/spiritual component to them. Examples of issues I’ve worked with before include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Soul Loss (explained below), shifting embedded emotional patterns, low self-esteem, and money blocks.

In the session, I will identify and connect with your Spirit Guides who will be helping with the healing. I use sound to scan your energy body. Energy doesn’t follow the same rules as matter, so this can be done in person or at a distance. I will ask your Spirit Guides to elaborate on any blocks in energy flow or other issues I discover during the scan. I get the clearest information when I directly channel Guides, so I will ask them to speak through me to explain what the energetic/emotional/spiritual root cause of the issue is and how to heal it. Then we start the healing!

The healing component can include a wide range of spiritual and energetic techniques, including Power Retrieval, Spiritual Intrusion Extraction, Shamanic Illumination, Cord Cutting and Spirit Attachment Removal. The one spiritual healing technique that almost every session includes is a Soul Retrieval. Soul Retrieval is the technique used to resolve Soul Loss. Have you ever heard someone say, “it felt like I lost a part of myself that day”? On an energetic level, that’s exactly what happens.

Soul Loss occurs during experiences of trauma, or other hurtful experiences. While it causes problems when unaddressed, it’s actually an ingenious protection mechanism of the Spirit. The psychological term for Soul Loss is dissociation. The part of your soul that’s being threatened (for an example, your voice/ability to speak your truth) leaves your body. The benefit of this is that it protects that part of your Soul from being harmed. Also that Soul Fragment will stay in that place in time to act as a bookmark that says “Hey! Come back and heal this!”

The problem is that most people in our society don’t go back and heal these experiences. Sometimes they are addressed in therapy or through spontaneous breakthroughs. But more often than not, people live their lives with a piece of themselves missing. This can have serious emotional and physical consequences to your health. In a Soul Retrieval, we go back to that time and invite the lost Soul Fragment to return. I’ll then integrate it into your energy and provide a Welcoming Ceremony for you to perform later to make sure it feels safe sticking around. You don’t need to know if/when you lost Soul Fragments, your Guides will tell us.

After the Soul Retrieval(s) and any other spiritual or energetic work that needs to be done to resolve the issue, I’ll clear your energy and seal it up. The next part is VERY IMPORTANT. I will then channel homework for you from your Spirit Guides. Yes, you really have to do it. I can resolve underlying emotional/energetic/spiritual issues during our session that will give you the foundation you need to heal the issue going forward. But often, behavioral and lifestyle changes are needed to fully resolve the issue. That’s on you. Your Guides might also want you to follow up with some additional energy work (such as a visualization) in which case I will channel the instructions.

After a Shamanic healing session, many people experience what’s known as an energy purge. It might get worse before it gets better. If we’re working on a deep-seated issue, the healing might bring up old pain energy that needs to be processed and released over a few weeks. But if you follow the homework from your Guides, you can expect to see improvements as the healing settles and the energy resolves. 

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Shamanic Healing: Internalized Misogyny

45-75mins | $60

This special offer is a Shamanic Healing with a specific healing question. The question is: How can I heal my internalized misogyny?

In the patriarchal, male-dominated society we live in where women and femmes as well as femininity are denigrated, objectified, belittled and abused, no one can avoid absorbing some of the pervasive misogynist ideas and values.  I offer this healing at an extremely discounted fee because I am passionate about taking down patriarchy and I believe healing is a necessary component of true social, cultural and political transformation. Please note that this healing is open to anyone! It’s not just for women and femmes. We all suffer when we negate our femininity, and our women and femme loved ones suffer when our love for them is clouded by unaddressed internalized misogyny.

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Shamanic Conflict Resolution

60-90mins | $100/person

Shamanic Conflict Resolution follows the same basic outline as an individual Shamanic Healing. The reason for this, is that when two people are experiencing the level of conflict or tension that brings them to seek outside help, it’s almost always because something about the situation is stirring up or triggering deeper issues in both people that are ready to be healed. This is why many cultures throughout history have and still do call on Spiritual Healers to address conflicts.

A Shamanic Conflict Resolution session is an intimate experience. Each party has to consent to me sharing what I find when I look for the core issue within each person contributing to the conflict. It may feel vulnerable, but it won’t be one-sided. In my experience, sharing vulnerability in a space that’s held as safe and sacred leads to profound compassion. After I do the individual healings, I will clear all energetic** “bad blood” between the two parties by removing the Energetic Cord between you. I will then create a new Cord that will allow you to see each other with fresh eyes.

As with an individual Healing, I will provide homework channeled from your Guides that will include assignments for each of you to do as individuals, as well as a New Beginning Ceremony for you to do together. This is to let go of your old grievances and honor the new chapter in your relationship that you are entering. Your homework may also include practices to improve your communication going forward.

PLEASE NOTE: To book, both people should schedule a Shamanic Conflict Resolution session during the same time slot. You will each complete your own intake forms and pay for your portion of the session separately.

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Channeled Guidance

30mins | $65

In a Channeled Guidance session, you will send me 2-3 questions about yourself or your life (I can’t give you information about anyone else without their consent.) As long as it’s about you, it can be pretty much anything from, “What kind of job should I look for?” to “How can I break this bad habit?” to “How can I have a more positive impact on my community?” I will then channel one or more of your Spirit Guides who will speak through me to answer your question.

In my experience, sometimes the answer is direct, but Guides also often find a hidden question within the one you submit and answer that instead. I channel my Guides all the time, whenever I’m stuck or just want some inspiration or new ideas. It’s a great way to feel the support that is always there, and get advice on tricky problems that can’t be resolved through contemplation alone.

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60mins | $60
Add Sound Healing | $15

In a Reiki session, I channel Earth-based life force energy through my hands and direct it into the client. Reiki is a very gentle and safe energy therapy that can help with pain and other physical issues, as well as clearing emotional energy that’s ready to be released. Most people find Reiki to be very relaxing and excellent for decreasing overall stress and tension. Reiki energy is also excellent for supporting and accelerating the body’s natural healing processes after an injury, surgery, or an emotionally difficult event.

In a Reiki session with Sound Healing, I will also channel the Reiki energy through my voice in the form of overtone singing. Sound is a powerful medicine that can be palpably felt and shift even the most stubborn energy blocks. Clients often find sessions that include overtone singing to be emotionally moving and especially relaxing.

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The above links are for scheduling distance sessions. If you’d like to see me in person, I am also a available for in-studio sessions at the Learn Reiki Philadelphia studio in Old City, Philadelphia. 

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Open to trade, barter and work exchange arrangements! Contact me here or call 215-719-HEAL to discuss options.

*Check on my blog post “On the Word Shaman” to read about my thoughts on the use of this word and why I choose to italicize it. 

** If you’re unfamiliar with the way I use the word energetic here, check out this article to learn about the energy body, and how it relates to the physical and spiritual bodies.

I truly look forward to working with you! 


“I had a Channeling Session with Mika, and it was absolutely wonderful!!! Experiencing her phenomenal gift is something I recommend to all. 
She is professional, warm, & welcoming. She even took the time to channel my Spirit prior, who gave her “homework” that she incorporated into our time together. Mika’s openness allowed for channels to come through that answered so, SO many questions! 
The gift of clarity our time together gave me will be cherished very much! If you’re looking for healing, inspiration, or direction – Mika’s work is sure to provide!”


“…The weight of the message was very apparent! But, I didn’t feel that as oppressive. What I felt was hope. And a calm, that there has been progress. Some progress on a pain that I know spans my entire life. And I don’t want to let indirectly control my future.


I think my whole life I have wanted to heal this, but just didn’t know how. And I have buried it for so long, that I considered it fixed. So, the difficulty listening to the information presented was nothing I hadn’t expected. I do well with specific instructions. And well, [Mika] provided just that.


Odd as is sounds, being spoken to by a healer channeling an extra terrestrial with an extremely high vibration about my fractured soul that has been retrieved and we are trying to put back together is a story that I will keep to myself, in my little treasure box of a heart.”


“Thank you for the channeled conversation. It’s exactly on point and confirmation of what I know and have heard subconsciously quite a lot in the recent past, but continue to struggle with. This recording will be a reminder and starting point for a commitment to FLOW and I am grateful for you sharing your gifts.”