Hi, my name is Mika Miles and I’m a queer, feminist Shamanic*  Healer and Reiki Master based out of Philadelphia, PA. The focus of my practice is the connection between personal healing and collective transformation. 

Almost every culture all over the world has, at some point in time, connected with Spirit for healing, conflict resolution, and guidance on how to live our lives. Unfortunately, most of us in the US have had our knowledge of these practices torn away from our ancestors through the violence of empire, colonialism, slavery, or male-dominated religious institutions that demonized folk medicine and the women who practiced it.

I believe that restoring our innately human connection to Spirit and Spiritual healing is one vital ingredient in the creation of a more just and kind world. 

Visit my services page to learn more about how I use Shamanism to heal internalized misogyny. You can also read up on my approach to resolving interpersonal conflicts with a focus on healing and compassion instead of retribution and blame.
You can visit this page to learn more about my personal healing journey and how Shamanism and Reiki have transformed my life.
*Check on my blog post “On the Word Shaman” to read about my thoughts on the use of this word and why I choose to italicize it.